It is not only producing high quality, unique 3D-measurements of amplifiers, it is also an integrated part of the development and production cycle at the world leading audio manufacturers.

The PowerCube Measuring System

Our PowerCube Stand Alone System allows you to test all your new audio amplifier constructions, conventional or Class D.
Do you think Class D is the solution for stability? You’d better check it before you go into production! For several decades it has been common knowledge that a loudspeaker is all but an 8 ohm resistor. Playing an 8 ohm speaker may hit the amplifier with impedances as low as 2 ohms, and with severe phase shifts as well – both capacitive and inductive.

The Water Cooled Load Box is a system that uses the concept of electronic loads to simulate reactive loads and can thus measure very large amplifiers.

The PowerCube option – Water Cooled Load Box

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