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  Stand Alone System: PowerCube

The PowerCube from AudioGraph

The Power Cube Stand Alone system produces high quality, unique 3D-measurements of amplifiers - an integrated part of the development and production cycle at the world leading audio manufacturers.

Test your system - conventional or Class D

  With Audio Precision System: Active LoadBox

Audio Precision unit with the AudioGraph Active Load Box

Audio Precision has written a utility that allows APx to control a the Active LoadBox dynamic load tester, for a real-world view of your power amplifier designs.

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Bad cube example

Audio Precision’s Active LoadBox Utility inte-grates Audio Graph’s Active LoadBox with APx, providing automated and comprehensive resistive and reactive load measurements.

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  More about AudioGraph News and stories

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PowerCube Option: Water Cooled Load Box
AudioGraph appeared at the AES Conference "Class D Audio Amplification" in Denmark",

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