Design study of a 16 channel test system

"To measure is to know"

Stand Alone System:
Power Cube

The Power Cube Stand Alone system produces high quality, unique 3D-measurements – an integrated part of development and production cycle at world’s leading audio manufacturers.

With Audio Precision:
Active LoadBox

Audio Precision has written a utility that allows APx to control a the Active LoadBox dynamic load tester, for a real-world view of your power amplifier designs.

The Active LoadBox Utility integration

Audio Precision’s Active LoadBox Utility integrates AudioGraph’s Active LoadBox with APx, providing automated and comprehensive resistive and reactive load measurements

About Us

Swedish company AudioGraph, the home of the PowerCube, continues to develop measurement tools for the audio industry. AudioGraph created the de-facto business standard 3-D measurement graphs – easy-to-read yet very powerful.

Located in Linköping, Sweden, we continue todevelop tools for the audio industry.

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The Graph

Example: PowerCube graph of an amplifier with current limiting

To read the graph, note that the results in the center are purely resistive, with higher impedances in the back and lower impedances in the front. Moving to the left of center adds capacitance (current leads voltage by 30° and 60° @ 1 kHz), and moving to the right adds inductance (current lags voltage by 30° and 60° @ 1 kHz). Because actual speaker impedance can vary greatly from the nominal rating, it’s important to observe the results over the entire graph.